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Minimal quantity lubrication

Drastic reductions in operating costs and everlasting tool life. Highest efficiency due to minimised processing times. That is what the UNILUBE minimal lubrication systems stand for

High performance without residue and stains: Our unique, biodegradable and universally usable high-performance lubricants offer outstanding product properties.

No more cleaning problems! Aesthetic surfaces thanks to lack of stains. Surfaces without residue for the medical sector and generally better surface roughness. UNILUBE stands for clean workpiece surfaces.

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Shows a milling cutter with internal coolant supply (IKZ) once standing, once rotating. A lubricant with a fluorescent marker is used for this. The fluorescent lubricant lights up brightly and is clearly visible. Research result from Unilube in minimum quantity lubrication. Future Concepts

Fluorescent high-performance lubricant

Process monitoring at the key point Does effective process monitoring of minimum quantity lubrication in machine tools have an opportunity? ...
Shows a pile of metal shavings. Symbol for effective metal chip recycling with Unilube. Technical talk

Metal chip recycling

Value-adding, future-proof and sustainable method for recycling metal chips. Metal chips covered with traditional cooling lubricants are sooner or later ...
Shows a frozen ice sheet with trapped air bubbles. Symbol for the cold in cryogenic machining with Unilube. Future Concepts

Product concept of cryogenic minimum quantity lubrication

Cryogenic machining combined with minimum quantity lubrication: The idea is not new and various studies have already been conducted about ...