High-performance lubricants

High performance without residue and stains: Our unique, biodegradable and universally usable high-performance lubricants offer outstanding product properties.

Environmentally-friendly cutting performance

Highly effective and always in keeping with the times: The High-preformance lubricants from UNILUBE are continuously further developed and subject to a constant improvement process. In this regard it is particularly important to us to only select environmentally compatible basic materials that are harmless to health from the inexhaustible variety of raw materials. Hence the formulation for the mixture of efficient UNILUBE minimal lubricants is always the result of long and thorough series of tests. Because only components of high purity and raw materials of the highest grade guarantee a consistently perfect quality.

The all-rounder

UNILUBE 2032 is based on natural components. It is a matter of course for us that our lubricants are easily biodegradable and have a very good compatibility and tolerability. As a result, workpieces made of plastic or steel alloys through to titanium compounds can be machined dry, with suction extractable chips and in a high surface quality.

Free of stains and residue

UNILUBE 9107 was originally developed for the requirements of aluminium processors. The stain and residue-free lubricant is based on synthetic components, which are also found in cosmetic products – free of animal ingredients and in pharmaceutical purity. Customers from the medical technology sector thus are to be machined also highly sensitive components thanks approvals. Thanks to its lubricating properties, UNILUBE 9107 also prevents built-up edges from developing.

Finely tuned to each other

UNILUBE offers high-quality products for effective residue free lubrication. Because the machining zone only has to be coated with a minimal amount of lubricant, the technology pays for itself in a short time. The viscosity is ideally tuned to the UNILUBE nozzle technology and guarantees that an ultra-thin micro-lubricating film is applied.
The processing concept of quasi-dry machining thus enables a high surface quality, dry workpieces and dry work areas. The chips do not stick together and can be collected cleanly at better recycling conditions.
Over and above this, we would like to offer our customers even more benefits. That is why the search continues for new and alternative raw materials for the further development of UNILUBE high-performance lubricants.

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