Minimal lubrication systems

Drastic reductions in operating costs and everlasting tool life. Highest efficiency due to minimised processing times. That is what the UNILUBE minimal lubrication systems stand for

High-quality technology from Swiss production: The range of worldwide unique Minimal lubrication systems produced by UNILUBE AG mainly consists of the two fully developed model variants, POPLUBE and ECOLUBE. The underlying concept of residue free lubrication helps to ensure that the minimal lubrication technology can be profitably implemented in a short time. And is done so especially in case of restrictive cost management with low-level investments.

Shows an overview of the different minimum lubrication systems from Unilube for the use of minimum quantity lubrication.

Which model for which purpose?

POPLUBE: Cost-effective and universal

The cost-effective systems of the entry-level model POPLUBE are ideally suited for drilling, milling and turning in the general mechanical engineering sector. Even when it comes to machining the widest variety of materials, POPLUBE provides all the benefits of a genuine residue free lubrication. The amount of lubricant being applied can be set down to 2 ml an hour in continuous operations. The air flow and lubricant delivery can be controlled manually or automatically, for example using an M-function from the machine control system.

ECOLUBE: Perfection in quasi-dry machining

The high-precision model ECOLUBE is perfectly suitable for all modern machine tools. With the option of a particularly fine-tuned quasi-dry machining process, fantastic results can be achieved. Micro-machining in precision engineering or high-speed cutting (HSC) in mould construction are just two of countless application examples. A permanent micro-lubricating film is generated here with a record low minimum lubricant dose of 0.5 ml an hour to enable the highly efficient residue free lubrication.

Particularly flexible due to modular design

A major benefit: both variants of the minimal lubrication systems have a modular design. In the case of POPLUBE, for instance, the systems can be configured with one to three dosing devices. As for ECOLUBE, even up to eight dosing devices can be used. In addition, the micro-dosing units have a choice of reservoirs that contain 0.3, 0.8 or 1.5 litres of lubricant, as well as level monitoring. As the mixed air and lubricant are delivered separately through coaxial lines at a high operating pressure, the minimal lubrication systems work regardless of line lengths. A wide range of tool geometries are taken care of highly reliably and with a totally even, ultra-thin lubricating film application.

Take advantage of the performance potential of tools with internal cooling (IKZ)

Sophisticated technology for efficient and safe processes. Thanks to the TIMJET nozzle technology specially developed by UNILUBE, the micro-fine aerosol is only generated directly before the rotary transmission on the tool spindle. Up to the TIMJET, the air and lubricant are delivered separately. Depending on the size of the spindle opening and the tool geometry, TIMJET designs can be produced with one or two air and lubricant connections.

Thanks to the TIMJET technology, the minimal quantity lubrication is also guaranteed with turning tools or the smallest ducts. Due to the internal delivery with nozzle outlets on the machined and open area, you benefit from very high energy efficiency. In comparison to this, expensive high-pressure cooling systems with up to 150 bar or aerosol boosters are unable to keep up in this regard. With UNILUBE tools with internal cooling, you will extend the service lives at an unbeatably low cost and improve the process reliability considerably.

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