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What must we do to do the works God requires?
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Zeigt Herrn Jonas Hügli, Geschäftsführer und Inhaber der Unilube AG
Jonas Hügli, owner and CEO

Pioneering spirit and innovation for 30 years

Pioneering spirit and innovation for 30 years
To develop a new technology of residue-free minimal quantity lubrication ready for the market: That was the most important company objective when Unilube AG was founded in Kreuzlingen in 1989 – with the vision of replacing the costly and environmentally damaging flood cooling systems with a quasi-dry machining process. An ambitious plan, which soon led to the first commercial successes. A large part in this was played by the technically highly versed founder, managing director and visionary, Peter Brauchli.

A trailblazing breakthrough

The huge potential of this really new technology appeared at an early stage. It offered outstanding benefits compared to mist units at the time and, particular against the backdrop of the current climate discussion, is both the most ecological and the most economical method in the machining of metal materials.

Further development with plenty of power

Thanks to committed research and practical further development work, Unilube AG has meanwhile acquired a considerable technical advantage in the field of micro-dosing and the application of micro-lubricating films as well as in the relevant area of tribology – and achieves outstanding results in practical operations every day.

Unique position among the competition

As the world’s only provider of this remarkable technology of a residue free lubrication, we have expanded the range of application areas considerably: our minimal lubrication systems thus replace e.g. the conventional flood cooling method with emulsions or oils. Our system technologies are used wherever an application of sliding or protective film must eliminate friction or contact highly effectively. What is more, the dosing of low-viscosity media from a wide range of provenances to the exact microgram is one of our core competences. As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for minimal lubrication and dosing technology, we supply reputable, globally operating companies. What our customers from the field of tool and forming technology appreciate in particular is the outstanding cost-effectiveness of our process technologies with the absolute lowest total cost of ownership. In addition, our environmentally-friendly products are indispensable for a series of special applications in the automotive industry, optics and medical technology.

“Drops instead of litres”: Next generation dosing

Less is more: That is our motto for a functioning quasi-dry machining process. At the same time, we are always considering the future: in this way, our proven expertise and consistent investment in product development and manufacturing quality guarantee that our customer’s systems continue to operate reliably even after many years of the most intensive use. An important, dependable foundation for your commercial success! So that the next generation is also able to benefit from our cost-effective residue-free lubrications, Jonas Hügli took on the company succession and management at Unilube AG in 2018. As the personally liable owner, he stands for the necessary continuity, the pioneering spirit and comprehensive expertise that is required to set a course in the metal industry long into the future. Developing an emergent technology and setting trends, that is the goal!

Zeigt ein junges Mädchen welches an einer gelben Blume riecht. Symbolbild für die umweltfreundlichen Produkte im Bereich der Minimalmengenschmierung von Unilube.

Conserving resources, accepting responsibility: our contribution to sustainability

“Earning from serving” was a guiding principle of our company culture even during its formative days. In future too, we only want to offer ethically justifiable and sustainable technologies on the market. For us this means taking responsibility for future generations and doing business in harmony with the environment over the long term. What are often only populist empty phrases in politics, we try to put these into practice pragmatically and appropriately for all those involved. This also includes being willing to share our unique technology with other players in the market so that our vision can become reality for the good of future generations. With our “5:50” vision, we do our best that all providers of minimal lubrication technology, together with UNILUBE, increase the current market share of less than 5 % to over 50 %. The aim is that the industry in its entirety finally makes its long overdue contribution to protecting mankind and the environment.