Cryogenic machining combined with minimum quantity lubrication:

The idea is not new and various studies have already been conducted about this at universities. The high expectations raised by this combination have not yet been fulfilled, however. What is the reason for that? In our view, the universities always failed due to too much lubricant being consumed by the spraying systems tested. And this is precisely where the major advantage of Unilube lies. Because we are the only supplier of minimum quantity lubrication that makes do with a fraction of lubricant [see Why does it work]. So far, we have achieved very good results when machining titanium and super alloys even without liquid gases such as CO2 and nitrogen. Because pure cryogenic machining is not an ideal solution in term of costs and energy efficiency, and hence not expedient from our point of view. Our approach would be to mix liquid gas from a cartridge with our spray air to achieve an extra cooling effect. It is clear that cooling is necessary, but doing completely without any lubrication would be a big mistake. When it comes to machining, both components of cooling lubrication are needed. Unilube has already solved this task perfectly.

Quasi-dry machining with vortex tube technology:

Alternatively, it would be equally expedient to completely dispense with the use of liquid gas and opt for the combination with a minimal lubrication system. The spray air comes partly from a vortex tube here, which, thanks to sophisticated flow engineering, generates hot compressed air on one side and cold compressed air down to -40 °C on the other side. Together with the tried-and-tested Unilube minimal lubrication systems, this would result in a unique product.

Shows a frozen ice sheet with trapped air bubbles. Symbol for the cold in cryogenic machining with Unilube.

Doing something good even better – ready for the challenge?

If you are stuck when machining titanium or other special materials: we are here for you, can help you with tips or are happy to develop a forward-looking solution together with you.

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