Why Unilube?

In short:

Take advantage of our ultimate cost killer!

It hardly gets any more cost-effective: The sophisticated concept of quasi-dry machining reduces your direct operating costs by 90 %. Added to that are the savings on investment costs, and the costs for disposal are even completely eliminated.

The biggest benefit, however, results from the increase in cutting speed and from the reduction of the total machining time. A general increase in the cutting speed is even useful for the concept of residue free lubrication – with the same surface quality, mind you! Further positive cost effects result from the fact that consequential costs are considerably reduced or do not even arise. The longer service life of the machine, the protection of people’s health and the conservation of the environment are further plus points for the concept.

Significantly increased tool life!

With UNILUBE you effortlessly increase the tool life by 15 to 20 % – it is that easy. Customer experiences demonstrate to us that even a five times longer service life is possible. At the same time the cutting speed is increased to the optimum level for quasi-dry machining and the setting of the minimal lubrication system selected so that genuine residue free lubrication takes place. If the cutting speed is increased by further stages, the tool life is in fact reduced, but you will gain machining time by doing so. You therefore have the choice as to whether the tool life or the machining time is more expedient for you.

Perfect surfaces

Thanks to doing without filter systems and by using a high-performance lubricant free of foreign particles, there is no chance of micro-filings or micro-particles scratching the polished surface between the tool and workpiece. In addition, the pharmaceutical quality of our UNILUBE 9107 lubricant ensures that the mirror-like surface remains free of oil residue.

Clean-cut: Quasi-dry machining

The concept of quasi-dry machining enables a clean work area in every respect. Due to the residue free lubrication, the machine stays clean and dry. The machine operator has a clear view of the machining process at all times. This can be tremendously helpful especially in micro-machining, in order to constantly watch that the workpiece does not bend or display unstable behaviour during machining, for example. Not to mention the possibility of optical, in-process measurement.

Efficient, clean and clever: Quasi-dry machining, you could say, is the all-singing, all-dancing process – and it was developed by us! All this is no coincidence, as at UNILUBE we stand up for strong business ethics and sustainability.

Persuasive arguments for high-quality and simultaneously sustainable products

How can we reconcile our corporate philosophy, our values with what we do day in day out? We manage that by consistently pursuing both objectives: creating outstanding, technological solutions and at the same time acting responsibly. We do not support, for example, any inhuman or destructive activities, products and services. We much rather see it as our task to contribute to human and environmental health with what we offer. That means, among other things, that we do not supply any companies from the arms industry. We also take great care to ensure that our products do not impair people in terms of their health. This is made most clear when it comes to our high-performance lubricants: Here we consistently tread the narrow path of exotic raw materials that are harmless to people and the environment.

We think about the next generation

For us, sustainability means that what we have and use should also be available for future generations. And indeed to the same extent that we take for granted today.

How do we put this into practice? For example, with products that have a service life of at least 10 years. On average, our customers actually come back to us only after 15 years to enquire about replacement parts for a system that is in operation.

Meeting challenges – or sometimes failing and getting back on our feet

We stand by our principles and convictions and place these above short-term business success. Because the global challenges are huge. We want to preserve the environment today, yet with unchanging convenience and performance for everyone. This can only work, however, if we do not waste resources and act with farsightedness. For the cooling lubrication sector we have developed the necessary technology to work in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner – without the slightest decrease in terms of performance.

We promote meaningful work

We see the really big challenges of the future in the increasingly less cohesive society and weakening business relationships. In contrast to this, we want happy and satisfied customers and employees at UNILUBE, and we are working on these relationships and taking care of them. Because we are convinced that a company which takes a holistic approach to serving mankind will produce much more well-being, commitment and added value for everyone over the long term.