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Long-term success in the market: with the inside-out approach

In order to better survive in the increasingly difficult market environment, it is important to optimise production. But how? Machining processes are often constrained from the outset by the choice of machine tool. A new way of looking at machining processes and process parameters is able to open up new paths here. The inside-out approach thus defines the machining process the other way round and directs attention to the really important process parameters – away from the machine and towards the key element: UNILUBE!

Creating new room for manoeuvre

The classic case, with which many production operations are familiar: a machine tool is purchased, and then the company attempts to make the existing products on it. This means: the machine has to follow the construction specifications. In practice, however, it can be seen that this approach is no longer up-to-date due to the limits and restrictions associated with it.

Somewhat more favourable is the starting situation when the company deliberately opts for a particular machine model, exactly fathoms out the potential of this machine and optimally exploits it. In this case, the actual product design is no longer done by the design engineer, but rather the machine dictates the possible product designs. The question of feasibility in this case is no longer: “Can we make these products on this machine?” Instead, the machine defines the possible product designs. This somewhat more modern approach ensures stable production, but it works with the focus on the peripherals and loses sight of the essentials.

We say: Why not place the process parameters, which are really what it is all about, at the centre?

Focusing on the essential

The critical processes take place between the workpiece and the tool – and that is exactly where UNILUBE works.

Based on this, we define our inside-out approach in two different directions according to an onion principle.

First define the process, then select the machine

We are convinced that the inside-out approach is the right way to go about remaining competitive over the long term. For instance, it is often seen that the best and most efficient production machines come from the machine manufacturer that used to produce precisely these workpieces itself or still does so. We even go a step further and say that, especially in today’s environment, it has never been so easy to have a special machine built exactly for your needs.

So: Why not start at the centre with UNILUBE and work together towards the periphery. We will be pleased to support you!