UNILUBE 9107 5 litres

MedicalOpticsWatches and clocksMilling, turningSurface technology, thin-film processLubricantsElectronicsPlastics processingAviation

Top Functions

  • stain-free, pharmaceutical quality, universal for metalworking, easily machinable materials, substance classified as not hazardous, easily biodegradable - does not contain solvents
  • Use: undiluted
  • Water solubility: insoluble

Top functions

Technical data

  • Aggregate stateliquid
  • Colorcolorless
  • Pour point< -30°C
  • Flash point> 139 °C
  • Odorweakly ethereal
  • Density0.8 kg/dm3
  • Viscositylow viscosity


  • BaseFatty alcohols
  • Physiologicallyharmless
  • Dermatologicalharmless
  • Decomposition productsharmless

Handling and storage

  • Storage temperatureca. 10-20 °C
  • Storage stabilitySealed original containers: 24 months
  • Fire & explosion protectionNo special actions required


  • RegulationsIt is essential to observe national or regional regulations
  • Collection and acceptance pointCollection point for synthetic machining oils (often called collection point for engine and gear oils)
  • usual recycling processHazardous waste incineration plant or if unmixed at hand in a biogas plant
  • Residual waste / waste incineration plantnot allowed

Industry solutions

  • Medical
  • Watch
  • Optics
  • Aviation
  • Electronics
  • Plastic processing


5 litre canister UNILUBE high-performance lubricant 9107, universally applicable in metal processing, for stain-free results without residue. This is how minimum quantity lubrication works! It is very important to us that all UNILUBE products are harmless to people’s health. This can best be seen in the high-performance lubricants specially developed by us for minimal quantity lubrication, which do not require any mineral oil or carcinogenic additives. Heavy machining and high forming performance are also possible with natural lubricants.


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