Flexible where space is tight

The new FLEXLINE nozzle arm can easily be repeatedly bent by hand. It adapts to almost any shape where space is tight. With this new product too, the unique micro-lubricating film from UNILUBE enables quasi-dry machining. The FLEXLINE nozzle arm uses the same nozzle mixing head technology as its two brothers, the nozzle arm made of rigid stainless steel or the nozzle arm made of LocLine plastic articulated joints.

Simplest adaptation and short retooling times

The FLEXLINE nozzle arm features the major advantage that it can be adapted to the circumstances on site and by hand without difficulties. There is absolutely no need here to accurately measure the available space, to create a design drawing or to use a bending wrench or the like. Another major benefit: unlike stainless steel nozzle arms, the FLEXLINE nozzle arm always remains fitted and is only realigned quickly by hand, even when retooling a machine. Stainless steel nozzle arms that are fixed in place on the other hand have to be replaced when retooling for the next series with nozzle arms with a different bending shape for the new conditions. This requires keeping stock of a wide variety of nozzle arms and additional installation work during retooling. Shows a Unilube FLEXLINE type nozzle arm with a total length of 300mm for minimum quantity lubrication.   Compared to the nozzle arm made of plastic articulated joints, which can be adjusted only jerkily and in a less controlled manner, precisely aligning the FLEXLINE nozzle arm is easier despite its minimal spring back. In addition, thanks to the slim design, it is far superior to the much chunkier plastic articulated joints when space is tight. Only with repeated and extreme back and forth bending movements does the FLEXLINE nozzle arm come up against its resilience limits. Then, nozzle arms made of LocLine plastic articulated joints are advantageous. Shows a Unilube nozzle arm made of stainless steel with a total length of 300mm for minimum quantity lubrication.

Cost-effective solution

The FLEXLINE nozzle arm offers a clear cost benefit due to its build. Hence, for the price of a classic nozzle arm made of plastic articulated joints, you can get two FLEXLINE nozzle arms. Anyone who does not have to adjust the nozzle arm several times a day is therefore best served by the FLEXLINE nozzle arm. It is delivered as standard with a union nut and nozzle head. The FLEXLINE tube has a diameter of 6 mm. Compatible with this, a replacement clamp ring enables the normal total length of 300 mm to be shortened in just a few steps and the union nut to be fitted neatly back on. Shows a Unilube nozzle arm (total length 300 mm) with plastic articulated joints and a stainless steel nozzle tip (75 mm) for minimum quantity lubrication. Did you like this blog article? Subscribe to our newsletter and we will provide you with the latest specialist knowledge all round quasi-dry machining every month.

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