The following press article was published in the special edition no. 1089 of “Machines Production” on 30 April 2020 on Page 33. Author Jérôme Meyrand

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Machining performance and environmental compliance

In Switzerland, Unilube specialises in minimum quantity lubrication with biodegradable oils. High performance without residue or stains: the Unilube lubricants are both biodegradable and universally applicable. Such as Unilube 2032, an oil based on natural components. “It goes without saying that our lubricants are easily biodegradable and have very good tolerances,” confirms this Swiss specialist in minimal quantity lubrication. From plastics to steel alloys, as well as different grades of titanium, workpieces can be dry machined, with removable chips and an enhanced surface quality.

No stains or residue

Unilube 9107 was initially developed for the requirements of aluminium processors. This lubricant without stains or residue is based on synthetic components that are also contained in cosmetic products, free of ingredients of animal origin and pharmaceutically pure. “In this way, the approvals given by the medical industry allow the treatment of very sensitive components,” remarks Jonas Hügli, the managing director of Unilube in Kreuzlingen in the north of Switzerland. Thanks to its lubricating properties, it also prevents the formation of built-up edges. Jonas Hügli took over the company in the summer of 2018. Unilube was founded in March 1989.

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