Shows a pile of metal shavings. Symbol for effective metal chip recycling with Unilube.
Technical talk

Metal chip recycling

Value-adding, future-proof and sustainable method for recycling metal chips. Metal chips covered with traditional cooling lubricants are sooner or later

Shows a half-ring nozzle from Unilube, for the use of minimum quantity lubrication.
Product news

New product, semi-annular nozzle

For best results: Quasi-dry machining Unilube generally recommends using tools with internal cooling, where the high-performance lubricant reaches its point

Shows the machine room of a Tornos lathe during a test of the Unilube minimum quantity lubrication.
Technical talk

Quasi-dry machining on the lathe

Interesting challenge We were given the opportunity to prove the performance of our innovative total-loss lubrication at the well-know machine

Shows aluminum chips on a machine table after using Unilube minimum quantity lubrication.
Technical talk

Conventional roughing

Every year, apprentices in the metal industry take their first steps in metal machining on conventional lathes and milling machines.